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Gale Gordon

Ultimately, however, she refused this academic opportunity and continued to travel with the Doctor. The Life of David Gale is a powerful morality tale, most of all, with some great acting, and many or most people watching will be glad they saw it.

She used Gordon again, this time as her irascible boss and brother-in-law Harrison Otis 'Uncle Harry' Carter at an employment agency that specialized in unusual jobs for unusual people. Before the Doctor could explain further, the dodo knocked over the mirror, and the figure vanished.

Locke did not witness what happened as the lockdown ended, though Ben told him he did not push the button and nothing happened. Dragonfire to whom she lost her virginity. At times he lied to her or at least withheld certain truths, so she would face the demons of her past and emerge as a stronger person.

InGordon recorded the pilot for The Halls of Ivystarring in the program's title role of Dr. Non-personal information collected at this site may be shared with third-parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses. Todhunter Hall, the president of Ivy College.

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When Jack attempted to open the underwater door Ben retreated back out the hallway, locking both Jack and Juliet inside. When payment transactions are processed through this site, the processing is managed by a third party that has been certified as Payment Card Industry compliant.

Ben said the reason for this was that he wanted her to "feel like a lady" and to have "something to look back on" over the next two weeks, which he promised would be "extremely unpleasant.

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In protest to his captivity, Ben refused to eat, drink, or speak for two days.

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At least initially, he had been trying to educate her, not merely have adventures with her.Dorothy Gale "Ace" McShane was a companion of the Seventh Doctor. Initially a brash and reckless teenager (TV: Dragonfire), Ace matured significantly into a strong, independent adult over her many years of TARDIS travel and other experiences, who was capable of surviving on her own.

(TV. Named after 19th century DC Mayor Joseph Gales Jr., whose storied estate laid the foundation for the Eckington neighborhood, The Gale Eckington is a modern masterpiece with historic roots.

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Gale Gordon

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Gale 1
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