Disadvantages of rich picture

Where does the work fit in? According to this approach an SSM- now ubiquitous data flow diagrams and flow style rich picture is just one of the techniques charts. Peoples have difficulties to interpret the world in a loose way.

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The after picture note into a computer system to provide tally can be presented to management to alert them lists for the deliveries to be checked by the to the implications of the new computer sys- warehouse men signified by stick figures tem. There is no hard-and-fast rule about what to include in a Rich Picture, and it does not have any syntax.

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However, this is beyond the scope of this blog. The rich ments, change reporting structures, organize picture also identifies other clerks and a super- retraining, and so on.

It should affect the design. Use any pictorial or textual There is no correct way of drawing a ing overloaded with detail.

This creates the frustration as money shifts to few hands and rich poor gap increases.Rich picture is primarily is a notation and communication with the system process. This picture can be used to confirm the findings from any observation, and used as evidence in final report.

Rich Pictures and CATWOE: Simple yet Powerful Scope-Modelling Techniques

Rich picture requires from participants to adapt the overall approach. The absence of standard symbols and formal technique could make it very difficult to someone else's picture.

Rich picture is primarily is a notation and communication with the system process. Rich picture is a rigorous tool to use in "messy" problems.

Disadvantages Of Rich Picture Diagrams

It is a specific technique. Users have the freedom to select the picture what they like. There are no constraints about rich picture. In this sense a rich picture is an appreciation of the problem situation rather than a diagram as such, and the real utility of the picture is not in the picture itself, but in the process of constructing the picture.

Some may argue that Rich Pictures have its own set of disadvantages, these include unstructured and confusing images, symbols or metaphors that could potentially lead to conflicting points-of-view. However, despite these negatives, we use Rich Pictures in our day-to-day activities.

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Disadvantages of rich picture
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