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Explain how advances in learning and technology influenced fifteenth- and sixteenth century-century European exploration and trade. I do not wish them to have power over men; but over themselves.

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The social and legal status of women from the Renaissance to the 19th century. The ideas of the Enlightenment said that the government was responsible to its people, inspiring revolutions and independence movements and pushing some governments to experiment with democratic values.

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Although both hailed from England and both rose to prominence early in the Enlightenment, Hobbes and Locke took diametrically opposite approaches in their political philosophies. InI received a Gates Foundation Teacher Leadership Grant which provided me with a computer lab and projection system for my classroom.

I have been a reader of AP European history exams since and over the years have been a question leader, a table leader, and a sample selector. French Academy of Sciences established P - This era was not only a revolution in science and thinking, therefore, but also a revolution in society and the previously accepted norms.

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To what extent did the developments of the scientific revolution alter the pre-existing conditions and notions of European society? Philosophe Group of French intellectuals that made it their goal to bring the light of knowledge to the general public. Many historians have suggested that sincenationalism has been on the decline in Europe.

They explain that you should be familiar with the following topics: Rococo Art Style C - Here are two long-essay questions that test the historical thinking skill of comparison: OS In what ways were cities transformed?

I enjoy reading, fishing, hiking, and music and am very involved in family activities with my husband and family. For the second trimester debates students will select two of the topics listed below that relate to the concept of cause and effect: To carry the remark still further, if fear in girls, instead of being cherished, perhaps, created, were treated in the same manner as cowardice in boys, we should quickly see women with more dignified aspects.

Two of the earliest academies of sciences, these schools of scientists and scholars greatly helped their countries advance politically and economically through their eager scientific developments.

As a result, Enlightenment ideas from England and France took a long time to spread to Germany. General Will Late s Popularized by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, believed the general will was "sacred and absolute," and that it held common interests of all people in a state. May contain factual or interpretive errors; conclusion is haphazardly written Indicators for Addresses all parts of the question, perhaps in broad and general terms Discussion may be more descriptive than analytical Weaker Essays: Inspired by the success of the Haitian Revolution, these movements against Spanish colonial rule in Central and South America in the s and s led to the independence of every nation in those areas.

Analyze the methods the king used to achieve this objective and discuss the extent to which he was successful. Believed organized religion was not necessary to believe in God Constituted rejection of direct interpretation of the Bible, supernatural miracles, and superstitions 5.

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Compare and contrast the religious policies of TWO of the following: DBQ Analyze the ways in which various people viewed the character and condition of Greeks in the Ottoman Empire during the Greek movement for independence in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

In Ancient Greece, Aristotle developed the idea of Geocentrism, or the belief that the earth was at the center of the universe and surrounded by 8 later 10 spheres that ascended up to heaven. To what extent was Renaissance humanism at odds with the ideals of the middle ages; to what extent was humanism a part of a continuity in values between the medieval world and the Renaissance?

Their principal targets were religion embodied in France in the Catholic Church and the domination of society by a hereditary aristocracy. In contrast elaborationRomantics stressed the primacy of the heart over the head. Galileo Galilei Florentine astronomer, physicist, and mathematician who created the experimental method, law of inertia, and validated Copernicus's belief in heliocentric universe Greatly contributed to modern science, also showed the conflicts that the Catholic Church had with science when he was imprisoned and tortured for refusing to recant 3.

The influences on religion were perhaps one of the most profound effects of the Scientific Revolution, and the debate between science and religion continues to this day. Furthermore, nearly all of these states were ruled by despots who instituted strict censorship, stifling intellectual development and making the dissemination of new knowledge difficult.

SP What caused the Cold War?The AP Euro course covers European History from to the present. The course is designed to help students develop the abilities to think conceptually about history. Students must do historical reasoning and make comparisons among historical developments in different times and places.

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Sample Questions AP European History Exam Return to Table of Contents. Section I: Multiple-Choice Questions The College Board 1 Sample Questions AP European History Exam Return to Table of Contents. 17th century and Enlightenment challenged absolutism and shaped the development of.

AP European History. Free Response Question. Suggested writing time: 35 minutes Here are two long-essay questions that test the historical thinking skill of comparison: The Enlightenment rested on a strong belief in the ability of reason to understand human nature (claim). The Age of Enlightenment: AP ® European History Free-Response Questions.

Write an essay that. Analyze the differences in the ideas held by various Enlightenment figures ap euro enlightenment essay questions, ap european history enlightenment essay questions Created Date. AP European History is a challenging college-level course that is structured around the investigation of five course themes and 19 key concepts in four different chronological periods.

Essay on Ap European History Dbq- Women stage of women &#;s quest for intellectual and social parity with men.

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The evolution of women &#;s fight for equal opportunities was bogged down by a long history of stereotyping and condescension.

Ap european history enlightenment essay questions
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