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The Skag Boys are uncomfortable and unsure of how to respond to the tragedy as Lesley cries hysterically. He feels guilty about letting her down, but continues to use drugs anyway. Clean of heroin, Renton decides to visit Tommy who, by now, is lost in his heroin addiction and has contracted HIV.

His illegitimate daughter dies a crib death early in the novel. A Scottish Soldier - Third person narration. For example, Spud will refer to people internally as "cats" Begbie is a jungle cat, Analysis of trainspoting he himself is a house catand Sick Boy will occasionally entertain an inner-dialogue between himself and Sean Connery.

They cook up with Raymie who kisses Sick Boy on the mouth and Alison who states about heroin "That beats any meat injection For example, "The First Shag in Ages" covers Spud and Renton's outing to a nightclub where they meet Dianne and her pal, followed by Renton's return to Dianne's and the awkward breakfast that ensues, all the while revealing what each character thinks of the other.

Back home and relatively clean, Renton is forced to deal with his past, dropping in on his old dealer, now an amputee, and Tommy, who has contracted HIV and seems likely to die.

We want to do something that's very fresh and contemporary. However, he is insecure and according to Renton, depends on others for validation; when his girlfriend dumps him, he numbs the depression by experimenting with heroin, grudgingly provided by Renton.

There are others in the cast who've had a rocky road, but now also reconciled.

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Renton finds himself stranded in London with no place to sleep. Tommy's girlfriend breaks up with him, and he soon is doing heroin as a way to cope.

Renton finds himself at a small gathering in a London flat surrounded by casual drug users. Simon attempts to pick up girls while being annoyed by Mark, who wants to watch videos.

Renton, temporarily off junk, accidentally sleeps with a year-old girl, thinking she is an adult. When the man apologizes, Begbie turns violent and smashes the man's face with one of the glasses.

The site's critical consensus reads: In the movie this happens after he goes into rehab and still has methadone in his system "just one more hit" Deid Dugs - Narrated by Sick Boy.

One day, Renton decides to give up heroin. After being informed that he should go see Kelly, who has just had an abortionRenton instead eagerly returns home to watch the rest of his movie.

Mark confesses he had a hard childhood because of his catatonic younger brother. Renton's parents lock him in his room so he can beat his addiction cold turkey. Focuses on his "friendship" with Begbie. He recounts the trouble that Dode has had with racism growing up, particularly an event when he and Spud went to a pub and were soon assaulted by white power skinheads saying slogans such as "ain't no black in the Union Jack ".

Sick of Scotland, he travels down to London, but on a visit home he becomes involved with an acquaintance called Kelly. He also went to Glasgow and met people from the Calton Athletic Recovery Group, an organisation of recovering heroin addicts. Renton goes to see a previous drug dealer, Johnny Swann, who has had his leg amputated due to heroin use.

More than telling a single story, it illuminates a whole subculture, giving the reader a sense of the way these groups interact and the stories that survive from their short, manic lives.Trainspotting (Film) study guide contains a biography of Danny Boyle, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

TRAINSPOTTING: an analysis of the film by Robert Northey When our group decided on the theme of this year’s series, “Entrapment”, I was uncertain which movie to present even though I found the topic compelling, and recognized. TRAINSPOTTING: an analysis of the film by Robert Northey When our group decided on the theme of this year’s series, “Entrapment”, I was uncertain which movie to present even though I found the topic compelling, and recognized.

Argues that Trainspotting is a story of two cities, Leith and Edinburgh, and of those with material wealth and those without. Examines the representation of these contrasts in the novel through.

Trainspotting Book Character Analysis: Criminals & C*nts 28th Jan Irvine Welsh’s darkly comic novel, Trainspotting, was a literary sensation, delivering a candid, warts-and-all view into the life of a group of heroin addicts in the run-down Leith neighbourhood of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

eNotes - Trainspotting Detailed study guides typically feature a comprehensive analysis of the work, including an introduction, plot summary, character analysis, discussion of themes, excerpts of published criticism, and Q&A.

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Analysis of trainspoting
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